SusutheChen is the name of my illustrations world.
For me, life is very much like in the laboratory, where we need to handle seemingly multiple independent projects but connected in the stem. My passion is using illustration and photography to capture them. These projects are the small yet precious moments that make up our daily lives which serve as the source of inspiration for my creativity.
I hope my work bring you a warm and positive energy.


Since my childhood, I have always enjoyed watching or reading about jungle adventure. It grew the seed of courage in my heart to challenge my limits.


I always work hard to improve my mental or physical strength! So i can keep up with my fantasy journey of life. I graduated from the school of  philosophy and started my career in animation. What a journey!


My animation career took me from one country to another. Living in different countries made me adaptable to new environments and cultures. Wherever I went, I really liked my studios, bosses and workmates. I always appreciated to meet those talented, warm and lovely people.


But ten years of routine work, made me perfectionist and picky. Eventually, I became the strong critique of my work and gradually lost the passion and creativity in my job! With my inspiration and motivation fading away, I felt horrible, strangled in the chain of life!!


~Well, I must leave this comfort zone that I got used to! ~ I decided to listen to my heart and pursue a new dream.

~看來我得勇敢地脫離原本的舒適圈~ 於是,決定調整腳步,聆聽內心的聲音。

I want to have my own creation! Become a storyteller, illustrator! I started to learn different painting techniques, planned to set up a website, explored various new softwares, and had many ideas to try …


Now I have no time to complain! Everyday I can’t wait to challenge myself with new missions! So many things to learn and try! I am very thankful for everything!


I have found back my long missing feeling of curiosity. I am happy to gain a lot of knowledge and power from books. If you can’t find me in the library, search for me in the bookstore~


It’s not easy being creative every day! I often get asked “so many people can draw, what is your advantage?”. Well, I might not have any advantage but I have determination and love. Everyday, I practice, practice, and practice~ “One important aim of art is to touch people’s heart. I want to experience the self-content and joy through my creations~”

說到要天天創作,真不是簡單的事情!有人問我,藝術學校這麼多人會畫畫,你有什麼優勢呀?想了想,好像也沒有什麼優勢,我能做到的就是堅持下去,慢慢的進步呀~『 藝術最強大之處就是可以感動靈魂,我也想要透過創作感動自己吧~』

I love to spend time painting in garden! The energy in the nature flows into my art works!


“Daily life is my inspiration! I carry my studio in my green backpack. With my studio on my shoulder, I explore everywhere,  I am everywhere ~ 🐢


“Daily life is my inspiration! I carry my studio in my green backpack. With my studio on my shoulder, I explore everywhere,  I am everywhere ~ 🐢









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