• Digital Portrait

    SusutheChen would be happy to draw an exclusive unique portrait based on your photo! ❤️ You can print a digital illustration on canvas, t-shirts, phone cases, pillows and mugs, invitations for Wedding and B-day parties, greeting cards, business cards, or print it put into photo frame, and many more! 這裡會根據客戶提供的照片,加上SusutheChen的感受,幫你和家人朋友畫出獨特的肖像! 你可以將這個數位肖像,印製在喜歡的帆布袋上、衣服、手機套、枕頭套、杯子、邀請卡、感謝卡、生日卡、名片上,或是列印放入相框中,還有更多可以用來當作小禮物的方法。
  • Reusable Mask

    SusutheChen Reusable Masks *2 layers of 100% cotton with a non-woven fabric in-between, for stronger protection. *Reusable, Washable and Ironable. *Designed not to touch the mouth, make it easier to breath while wearing it. *Keep you warm in cold days. *Suitable for all shapes of nose! *Free delivery for Melbournians!

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